We made it! Let’s celebrate the last week of school.

I can’t believe its already here. The last day of school. June 28th. We made it! Take a deep breath, and relish in this moment. All of your hard work has come to an end.

June is a tough month. I don’t know about you, but in New York, we spend the last half of the month grading an examination called the regents and going to Professional Development “PD” activities. My brain feels fried and its such an unsatisfying way to end the year. But then of course the last week rolls around and I get to watch my students walk at graduation. That is the moment. The moment I wait for all year. The faculty and parents are cheering in the crowd. The students decorate their mortar boards with schools they are planning to attend in the fall. There is so much optimism, possibility, excitement. I wish I could capture that feeling all year long. I know my students are off to do big things.

And then I clean out my classroom. The school year is really coming to an end. I know I have to find a little me time. That is summer means to me. I promised myself I would spend some time exploring new technologies, memes and new ideas so I’m ready and refreshed for the fall. What do you do during the summer to keep your mind moving? I need some fresh tips! Leave your advice in the comments below.

So teacher, hats off to you and the hard work you do. You finished out the school year strong. Now its time to treat yourself to an end-of-the-year shopping spree. Get 15% OFF – Code | THANKS2016 | in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.


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