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Teaching is a lot of work and usually I love the job.  I guess all professions have grunt work, but I never imagined how many hours I would spend copying handouts, grading and recording attendance as a high school teacher.   There is also the beautifying of bulletin boards, creating rubrics and designing multiple versions of each assessment.

In the past few years I have been happily introducing technology into my practice.  I have embraced several learning management systems, created a classroom app, monitored discussion boards and created dozens of videos.    I am fascinated by the EdTech world and really want to reach students where they are – online.  It has all been fun, but working in the both the classic and digital classroom is exhausting.

While I am somewhat down the learning curve on the technology, there is still the problem of content.  Digital engagement requires artwork – pictures, video, animation.  The more personalized the content is, the better it works.

This is where can help.  It is a community of artists, writers, video makers who you can hire for $5 or $10  per “gig”.   Use Fiverr to “assist” you in the classroom in order to:

  • Create digital artwork
  • Design infographics
  • Make PowerPoint presentations
  • Make video clips
  • Proofread

What else can we get Fiverr to do? Let me know your thoughts!

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