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As back to school week approaches, I thought I would share with you one of my favorite faculty games – back to school FACULTY BINGO!

For me heading back to school is filled with many emotions- I’m excited, I’m nervous. I have spent the whole summer prepping, (and enjoying a little ME and family time of course!) but by August/ September its the back to school jitters.

One of my FAVORITE ways to ease the pain, is to pass out my Back to School BINGO boards on the first day of school. We usually have 2-3 days of faculty meetings and department meetings and its one way that we are able to re-connect share in a LAUGH as the new year begins.

Here’s how it goes. Similar to the childrens game, everyone in the department/ school gets a different BINGO card. When a buzzword or phrase is shouted out during the meeting they fill in that box on their card for example: “MEET THE STANDARDS”, “FIREDRILL”, “DRESS CODE”. The winner gets a prize at the end of each day- Perhaps a
gift card to Target, the local coffee shop or one of the ideas from my post on teacher
gifts would do the trick.

Are you READY to play Back to school bingo? There are some really cute ones out there already or you can even make your own! Check out some fun game card packs from our other favorite bloggers HERE!:





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