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It’s time for Back to School organization!  One thing I absolutely hate doing is collecting homework.     See my earlier post here:  No HW assignments for 2016? Can it be done?  Assuming you assign homework, what should be done with it?  Collect, Grade, Every day?  The paper piles up!

If your bag is stuffed with student work,  you may want to check out BerryWing’s Scan to Spreadsheet smart phone app which sells for a few dollars.     This could be your new workflow:

  1. Walk around the class, verify assignment completion.
  2. With your phone, scan a QR code taped to each student’s notebook to record credit.
  3. Email the created excel spreadsheet to your work account.

To easily create the unique, student  QR codes, go to the and type each name into the QR code generator.


After each QR code is created, it can be copied (screenshot) into Word and printed for distribution to each student.  Students can tape the code onto their notebooks.  My example class has only 2 students.


Next, using your phone, set up your spreadsheet.  My example covers assignments for three days in September.   With September 5 checked, I am now ready to record that day’s homework compliance.


Now your ready to walk around the your classroom and scan the QR codes of students who completed the assignment.  The app will make a pleasant noise verifying the data is collected.    (If you are recording who didn’t do the assignment, you might want to turn the sound off!)  When your done, email the Excel spreadsheet (XML file) to your work account or send it to cloud storage.


Paperless homework!  Love this!



  1. You can set up spreadsheet on your phone. BerryWing has a how-to video on their site. I export the finished spreadsheet to the excel format, email it to myself and open it on my desktop computer.

  2. I love this! May I link to this post in a workshop that I am teaching so that others can find this great info?

  3. I have the link all set to distribute to conference attendees! One thing I’m struggling with in the app is….How to label the spreadsheet by date or assignment to retrieve so I can scan missing or absent students when they hand in the work. Do you have any insight? Many thanks!

  4. This would work for just scanning those who did not finish correct? The scan prints with their name on it correct?

    1. Yes, with names. I send the data to an excel spreadsheet. It is certainly easier to scan those who don’t do their homework, but you may want to take the sound off.

  5. Is there a way to add comments to certain students? I like to take points off of homework, especially math, when they don’t show work or maybe they partially complete it.

    I love the idea of the program; I just need to find the best way for it to work for me.

    Thank you!

    1. I have never used comments. You might be able to give student 2 QR stickers (JaneDoe_fullcredit, JaneDoe_partial), and scan the first one for full credit and the second one for reduced credit. You would probably want to print them in different colors.

  6. For $2.99, this is so worth a try. I love it. I was thinking of putting all their QR codes on a page based on class. I can walk around with a clip board with the QR and scan who has it or maybe who doesn’t. Thank you!

  7. Thank you for recommending Scan to Spreadsheet.
    We have updated the app with new features. Also the barcode generator on our web site has vastly improved.
    Please email us anytime if you need any technical support.

  8. I’m not having any luck generating different barcodes for each student in Google Sheets. I’ve spend hours trying to follow the video tutorial from Berry Wing, but it will only generate the same bar code. My engineer-husband who works with spreadsheets every day can’t figure it out either. Do you have any suggestions?

  9. Can you add more columns (assignment days) once you get to the last column T? Or would you have to create a new template of the same class?

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