Spill the Tea

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Since we live in such a gossipy, reality TV generation, I decided to create a lesson where students get to “spill the tea”.   Think of “The Talk” or “The View” TV shows with historical figures. This lesson is always a hit and can be used on a variety of topics. Choose a moderator to host the “show”.

Here’s how it works:

Split your class into groups of 4-5 students for each “Topic”. You can do this by having students pick a tea bag out of a hat (ex: Peppermint, Roobios, Eucalyptus etc).  The 4 students with Peppermint Tea bags are a group, the 5 with Roobios are a group and so on. Peppermint gets the topic of:
Roobios gets the topic of:

Have your entire class sit in a circle (similar to a socratic seminar). The group sits in the center and has to spill the “tea” on a specific topic while the rest of the class takes notes.

For example: Topic Early Women’s Rights. Can you believe that Seneca Falls Convention?  Why were women not included in that 15th amendment? I like how Elizabeth Cady Stanton took a more radical approach to women’s rights vs the conservative approach.  Students can use accents or props to make it more fun!

At the end have the moderator summarize the “Hot Topics for the day”. If you’re lucky enough to have a longer class you can even combine this activity with my great cookie or holiday baking challenge for a fun filled day of food festivities!

Make sure to come back and “Spill the Tea” on your activity. Let me know how it went!


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