Make Your Presentations Interactive!


Teachers, make your classroom presentations interactive!  Sometimes, you just have to pull out the old PowerPoint presentation to get your point across.   As soon as you dim the lights, nap time begins.  Who hasn’t daydreamed or slept through a dull presentation?

One solution: Get some audience feedback going!    Get real-time polling results as students text their responses to your embedded poll or question.   Maybe even a word cloud!  The free Poll Everywhere add-in for PowerPoint is really simple to set up and easy for students to use.   Put your poll or question in your slide deck exactly where you want it.

The set up:  Register at Poll Everywhere.   Make sure you get the free K-12 plan which allows for 40 responses to each created poll.   Be strategic about the name you sign up with – it will display on your polls.

Next, you will need the free Poll Everywhere Add-in for PowerPoint.  If you are a Microsoft Office 365 user, go to the PowerPoint insert tab and choose Add-ins (center, top) and search for Poll Everywhere.   If you don’t have Office 365, download the software directly from the Poll Everywhere website.  Poll Everywhere

Once you’ve got the add-in, you can access it through the PowerPoint insert tab where you will see a variety of poll options.  Your poll goes directly onto a slide.


When you make the poll live, students can text in their answers or use a browser.


Keep those kids awake – try it out!



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