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*It’s the most wonderful time of the year *

Many parents and students always want to give me a little thank you at the holidays or end of the year. While I am always grateful for these kind offerings, I try not to take anything of true value from my
students. Usually a lovely well written thank you card suffices and is just as meaningful as something tangible.

However, if my school did allow it (and not all do!), here would be my
top 5 teacher gift choices for the grand teacher in your life (or that
recent graduate of education)- in ascending price order.

1. A personalized pen or notepad. This shop on etsy has the cutest
note pads for just $6.00 that you can inscribe here.

2. For any pregnant teachers or mamas to be, I love this
apple onesie. It reads “When I grow up I want to be a teacher”. Well
who doesnt?! (13.00 here.)

3. Also on Etsy the most accurate Teacher Coffee Mug with
“I’m a teacher, what’s your superpower?!” on it- ($14.00 here.)

4. This cute framed crayon with your teachers initial featured in crayons and a
terrific thank you on the bottom($16.00 here).

5. The Tiffany ELSA PERETTI® APPLE PENDANT. The classic pendant for the classic educator ($175.00 here.)

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