Teaching is in our soles (of our shoes!)

soles-of-our-shoesTOP 5 TEACHER SHOE IDEAS


I decided I needed to do a little shoe shopping over the Christmas break because my feet were KILLING me in December from all that standing and walking around while teaching.  My feet feel much better in this New Year. Don’t suffer with sore feet anymore in the classroom!

Here are my Top 5 Shoes for Teachers:

5. Cheetah Ballerina Flats

I always like to wear a cute pair of shoes on the first day of school. But by the end of the month I am all about comfort! This is where my ballerina flats come into play.

Coming in 5th place cheetah ballerina flats. You can find them in any shape or style and I they go with EVERYTHING not to mention are very comfortable. I like to give a little flair to my accessories so I love these Cheetah print flats. Very easy to slip on and off and provide support to my achy feet! There are two different price variations I have provided based on your budget! Cheap  as in $12 cheap… vs. More Expensive.

 vs. more expensive  

4. Classic Cognac Loafers for the Fellas

Fellas I didn’t forget about you. Classic Cognac Shoes. Perfect coupled with that gingham button down, a sweater and jeans. Light on your feet and comfortable. My husband walked by as I was writing this post and asked me to send him a link to buy these shoes. Trust me!

3. Elevate your teaching with a Pump

Sometimes aka parent teacher conferences, us teachers have to step up our game. This is when I switch over to a comfortable dress pump. Anne Klein is my go-to for all my “pump” related shoe needs. I have worn these to teach in, as a wedding attendee and for the holidays. I like a basic black or a nude or  black and white checkered pump.



While dreaming about shoe shopping over break I “invented” a convertible shoe that you could press a button and the heel would extend from a flat. Turns out someone else patented my “idea!” but its not available yet… Doesn’t that sound fantastic?!

2.The Casual Friday Flip Flop or Sneaker

Fridays in my school are CASUAL Friday! My favorite day of the week by far. For this day I get to switch over to the BEST pair of sneakers, which makes heading to the gym after work quite easy and motivating. I love colorful sneakers to brighten up my t-shirt (which is usually a college t-shirt, go BIG RED!). Check out these cute sneaker options here! Some of you may be lucky enough to live in warm weather and if I did I’d definitely wear a great pair of Naot or Birkenstocks to keep my feet light and airy!

1. The Dream Teacher Flat

These are my ultimate favorite teaching shoes. CROCS!! Both fashionable and chic they place the number one spot in teaching shoes – not to mention affordable. They are the dream pair of shoes for teaching . Soft, colorful and cushy, you can find them in a variety of colors here and here and here!



Partner any of these fun shoes with these colorful teaching socks pencil socks (or a good pair of bright compression socks!) and your outfit is complete. Here’s one for men!


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