Are you a Google search pro?

Are you really a pro at using Google search?  I thought I was.    Yesterday was a professional development day in NYC and Google search was on the agenda.  I was skeptical, but I learned some valuable time-saving tricks!   I am looking forward to sharing them with students.  Here are my two favorites.

 Filetype  You can restrict your search to specific file types.    For example, filetype:  ppt   will return PowerPoint files.   I am teaching economics and I need a lesson on elasticity.  The search elasticity filetype:  ppt will help me get started!

Site   You can refine your search to  a specific site.  The search tariffs site: returns articles on tariffs from the New York Times.

Check out this link to see all the ways you can make your searches more precise!     Google search operators

become a google search pro

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