Animate Google Classroom!

Google Classroom comes alive!  Customize and Glitter your Google Classroom theme or your online delaney cards with an animated gif.

Brighten your students day and change your banner every day! This is perfect for the virtual/ digital classroom.

We have so many great header/borders available in our Teachers Pay Teachers store here!

We even offer bundles so you can bring your Google Classroom to life or spice it up for the holiday season!

If you are looking for ways to animate your google classroom here is the easiest way to do it:

First, pick your favorite banner! For back to school I like to use one from my September or back to school bundles, but perhaps you have a theme to your classroom and want one of my other fun selections!

Animated Google Classroom Headers (September) for Distance LearningAnimated Google Classroom Headers (Back to School) for Distance Learning

Find the upload picture button on the upper right hand side of your classroom.


Next, upload the gif file that you like in the proper size. Make sure to UNZIP it first!  Upload just like any other picture file.


Now, you can adjust the size.


And here it is!


Try it out with our freebie gif (pictured below).   Free Animated Google Classroom Theme     


For a complete view of all our Google Classroom themes see the No Fire Drills store

animate (1).pnganimate.png

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12 thoughts on “Animate Google Classroom!

  1. I’m looking for an animation as a “turn-in reward.” A fun animation would appear after kids press the turn in button for an assignment. Have you ever seen anything like that for G. classroom?

  2. I want to add gifs to my stream posts in Google Classroom. How do you do that? Not the header but on the actual stream posts. I can attach them to a post but then the student has to click on it to see it. I want it to be in the body of the post.

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