History Class Can Be Fun!

Here are ten ways to make your history class more engaging and more interactive!

Animate Google Classroom: Add a fun US history/ World history/ Economics banner to your Google Classroom –  https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Nofiredrills

Pop-Up Cards:   Have students create historical greeting cards.  Great for Valentine’s Day!   Pop – Up Cards

Mannequin Challenge:  Need some peace on a Friday afternoon?  Try a Mannequin Challenge. m The Mannequin Challenge – for the Classroom

Flipgrid Discussion:  Have students make a quick video to answer a prompt or give an opinion with this free tool.  ”Back to School with Flipgrid

Play – Doh Pictograms:  Great for a lesson on ancient civilizations.   Play-Doh is Power

Speed Networking:   Modern day networking with historical figures.   Speed Networking in the Classroom

Comedy Hour:   Less testing, more laughing!   A Classroom Comedy Hour

Baking Challenge:   Always a favorite in my class.  The Great Cookie Challenge!

Teach Hamilton:  Make them sing!   Teach Hamilton (the Musical) In the Classroom

Shark Tank:  Find those young entrepreneurs with a shark tank competition.   SHARK TANK FOR YOUR CLASSROOM

Spill the Tea:  Chatty class?  Make use of it.  Spill the Tea

Using Google Classroom?  Check out our FREE animated theme:  Hearts


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