Instead of a Valentine’s Pop Quiz…

Have students create a Valentine’s “Pop” Up Card for a historical figure!
Easy to make and will brighten the day!

Check it out here: Pop – Up Cards – Easily create memorable Valentine’s Day Pop-Up Cards for your classroom

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Make historical Valentine’s
And your students will love you




Is your notebook smart?


Rocketbook offers a better way to take notes and organize your teacher life!

Rocketbook’s  Everlast, an erasable  notebook is my constant companion.   It is ideal for weekly lesson planning and to do lists.   It comes with one black Frixion (erasable ink) pen, but other colors are widely available.   The must-use Frixion pens allow for reuse of the notebook.  Erasing is easy and quick with a small amount of water.  Use the free  Rocketbook app to digitize your notes before erasing.  Continue reading “Is your notebook smart?”