“I appreciate your teaching SO MUCH oh by the way…

I need a recommendation (for college, my summer internship, my clothing store application…”

This is always the week students ask me for recommendations for the summer and for next year! They think they can butter me up during teacher appreciation week and then come to me for a recommendation… and they are RIGHT! I always give in!!

Does this happen to you too teachers?!!

If you need a little help writing those recommendations (because you would rather be out by the pool or the beach) here are my letter of recommendation templates!

I have an ENTIRE BUNDLE for RECOMMENDATION LETTERS (College, Scholarships, Reference etc) available for you!


3 Editable mail Templates to send to students

(Initial, Acceptance and Rejection Notes)


The template for the Initial recommendation


The brag sheet for the Final recommendation


Three templates for you to use to write recommendations and a sample!

(Low End, Middle, High End Recommendation)

Letters are provided in Microsoft Word format so you can edit and/or copy and paste into an online letter or form. Happy writing!

or THREE RECOMMENDATION LETTER TEMPLATES with a SAMPLE varied by level of student

or (2) Letter of Recommendation Request Forms and (3) Email Templates

Don’t feel guilty any more about writing those recommendations and don’t waste any more of your precious time!


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