Back to School Icebreakers

Going to back to school tomorrow??
Here are some easy ways to break the ice!

Classroom introductions. The ICEBREAKER! The moment your students (and YOU!) have been waiting for all summer. But the butterflies, they are in the pits of your students stomachs. How do you make it effortless for everyone? Well, here are 5 different ways to break the ice and say “hello!” the easy way. Start by breaking your students into groups and then have each group introduce their team members via a game. Here’s how:

  1.  Pictionary:  Have each group or student come up to the front of the room and draw on the whiteboard one fun fact about themselves. The class has to guess what it is based on their drawing.
  2. The Toilet Paper Roll Trick:  Pass around a toilet paper roll. Have students take as many pieces as they want.  Each student must take at least one! Once they have selected the pieces tell them they have to provide as many fun facts about themselves as toilet paper pieces they ripped off.
  3. The M&M Trick: Similar to the toilet paper roll trick, have students take as many M&M pieces as they want.  Once they have selected the pieces tell them they have to provide as many fun facts about themselves as M&M pieces they selected.
  4. Have them design a Meme. Always a favorite.
  5. Have them “Toothpick” an Icebreaker out of a hat. Pre-select up 35 different questions for students to answer (Here are a few questions  to make your life easier!) Cut them into strips and tape them to toothpicks. Then toss them into a hat. Have each student pick one out of the hat as they enter your classroom. Make them introduce themselves with their background AND answer the question from your hat.

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