Solve Sitting on the Floor in the Classroom!

I am always sprucing up my classroom with fun gidgets and gadgets!
One of my favorite recent finds is for floor circle time. I discovered an easy to roll out foam mat to put directly on to the floor.

I use these mats when I want students to stretch or draw or sit during group work. Students love having flexibility to sit on the floor without having to actually “sit on the floor”. This is an no-brainer easy solution so students are comfortable and don’t have to sit in a chair all day long.

These are my favorites:

Alternate image 1 for BABY CARE™ Baby Reversible Playmat in Renaissance

This gray mat

Baby Care™ Good Dinosaur Reversible Multicolor Playmat

Dinosaur/ Alphabet Reversible Mat

BABY CARE™ Reversible Anchors Playmat in Blue

Anchor Blue Reversible Mat

BABY CARE™ Reversible Arrows and Stars Playmat in Grey

This gray star/ arrow reversible mat


BABY CARE™ Circle Raum Reversible Play Mat in Cream/Grey

Gray circle/ zig zag pattern

BABY CARE™ Large Baby Play Mat in Happy Village

For the younger crowd this race car track mat

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2 thoughts on “Solve Sitting on the Floor in the Classroom!

  1. Hi Lucinda! Thanks for writing in 🙂
    If you use a buy buy baby or BBB coupon for 20% off it lowers the cost! In terms of durability, it is so thick it will last a long time. I used to use the alphabet foam mats but those barely lasted me a month each time I bought it. These are new but I can see them lasting for years based on their thickness.

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