Scan Homework into a Google Sheet Instantly!


We are in the back to school spirit and we will be RAFFLING away TWO FREE year subscriptions to BerryWing’s Scan to Web app in this exciting post!¬† NO MORE HOMEWORK COLLECTION FOR YOU! Details below ūüôā



Assuming you DO need to assign homework, what should be done with it?  Are you really going to collect and grade it every SINGLE day?  No way! The paper piles up!  It is too overwhelming, and I have stopped doing it.

If your bag is stuffed with student work, ¬†DEFINITELY check out BerryWing‚Äôs Scan to Web smart phone app.¬† ¬†It’s a new, updated version!¬† You can easily save the data into a Google Sheet by using Google Forms.

This could be your new workflow:

  1. Walk around the class, verify assignment completion.
  2. With your phone or IPAD, scan a bar code taped to each student’s notebook to record credit or have a spreadsheet of codes on your clipboard to scan.
  3. Go to Google Drive and view your Google Sheets instantly.
    You can then use VLOOKUP in the Google Sheets to see who has not turned in their homework assignment.

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The Scarcity Game

It is tough to make the first few weeks of economics interesting.  It is all about one word РScarcity!

This is my first twine game!  Games built with Twine allow you to make interactive stories with multiple endings.   It is a great tool for digital content creation.  Try out the game and see if you can win!   Click Enter the Kingdom to start!    Click here to see the game in a new window or to post in your online classroom.  scarcity game

You should also see our drag and drop   Supply or Demand?

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Get ready for September!

Ahh, the dog days of summer. A few more weeks and we are back to school! Here are a few of my favorite essentials for back to school broken down by grade level.

Daily Diaper and Food Log


Pre-School through Middle School:

Weekly & Monthly Worksheet

Make sure to print out a weekly and monthly worksheet to keep parents in the know! Here is my handy bundle. All you need to do is print and fill in what you have on the agenda for the week/month!


Kudos to you!
Celebrate students accomplishments with a kudos certificate!
Boys & Girls Variety

Middle through School through High School:

Animate your Google Classroom!
virtual delaney cards and exams of course!

Class Contract

Kudos to you!
Boys & Girls Variety

ENTIRE BUNDLE for RECOMMENDATION LETTERS (College, Scholarships, Reference etc)bb6

College Readiness Questionnaire

This 6 page document is an easy way to assess your students. The questionnaire is broken down into several sections that allow students to reflect upon their desires for college. Perfect for a lesson on college readiness and perfect for a college or career counselor to use before a conversation about college with students.

Section 1: Self Reflection/ Profile Analysis of GPA/ SAT etc
Section 2: Type of School Reflection (Size/ Travel/ Extra-Curricular Activities)
Section 3: Financial Status
Section 4: Research
Section 5: Visit
Section 6: Family History
Section 7: Reflection

Administration/ Human Resources Guides

Offer Letter Template


Teacher Handbook


Animate your google classroom, virtual delaney cards and exams of course!

Virtual Quizzes using Google Forms

Easy Delaney Cards.png

It’s 2019.
Are you still schlepping around paper in the classroom? Making photo copies? YUCK!
Who has time for that? NOT ME!
With Google Forms it is so easy to be paperless.
Google Forms allows you to collect data easily. I use it for the first day of school delaney cards, as worksheets, to collect volunteer information, polls, questionnaires, mid year evaluations and reflections.

In this post I will share with you my virtual quiz and exam system. Now, (If it has to be paper, I use a GROUP exam format – see my post on that system).

However, if you have computers in your classroom this is an easy way to cut down on PAPER!

Here is a link to the animations I use in this tutorial.


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The Virtual Delaney Card – EASIEST TUTORIAL!

Easy delaney cards

As most of you already know, I am all about NO PAPER in the classroom! That is why a few years ago I moved to a virtual delaney card for the first day of school. It takes less then FIVE minutes… you won’t regret this easy change! You can write the link on the board so students can complete the delaney card as a homework assignment the first evening, or if you have computers in your room you can have students complete the information in real time.

Here is a link to the animations I use in this tutorial.





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