Virtual Quizzes using Google Forms

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It’s 2019.
Are you still schlepping around paper in the classroom? Making photo copies? YUCK!
Who has time for that? NOT ME!
With Google Forms it is so easy to be paperless.
Google Forms allows you to collect data easily. I use it for the first day of school delaney cards, as worksheets, to collect volunteer information, polls, questionnaires, mid year evaluations and reflections.

In this post I will share with you my virtual quiz and exam system. Now, (If it has to be paper, I use a GROUP exam format – see my post on that system).

However, if you have computers in your classroom this is an easy way to cut down on PAPER!

Here is a link to the animations I use in this tutorial.



First… go to your GMAIL account.


Look at the UPPER RIGHT hand corner for a collection of 9 tiny squares. Click on that tab.


Click on the 9 squares and a pop up will appear asking you to make a selection. Click the triangle that says DRIVE for GOOGLE DRIVE.


Once you get into the DRIVE look on the UPPER LEFT hand corner for the word NEW. Select that option.


The new tab opens up several options. You are looking for GOOGLE FORMS. You may have to select the MORE option to find that tab.


Now you are ready to create your quiz! You will have to fill in all the tabs so here we go!


Where it says “UNTITLED FORM” you will type in the name of your quiz.
For “FORM DESCRIPTION” you can write in the instructions.

Where it says “UNTITLED QUESTION” type in your question.
You can have the “MULTIPLE CHOICE OPTION” or SHORT ANSWER questions.

NEXT select the ARROW on the right hand side to ADD MORE QUESTIONS.

THEN CLICK THE MOUNTAIN ICON TO ADD A PHOTO. This is where I add my favorite animations. You can find a wonderful assortment here!

To add a fun “PHOTO” ANIMATION click the mountain icon as shown below. Select the image and it will upload automatically. You can have a different animation for each question.


You can add whatever questions you would like. You can easily move the tabs around in forms if you decide you want to add a question later.

The final step is to publish the Google Form. You need to email it to yourself OR directly to your students.
Scroll back to the top of the page and hit “SEND”.


You can easily view the “RESPONSES” in real time as they come in. Then you can download the excel file once it is completed and sort by your class list.


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3 thoughts on “Virtual Quizzes using Google Forms

  1. I’ve used Google forms for a couple of years for tests, quizzes, etc. They are GREAT timesavers! You can also put them in your Google Classroom or link to them in another website, including Edmodo, depending on what you use.

    I also made up a Google Forms template for tests and quizzes that I reuse as the start of a new test – it has the ten blank question with the number of M/C response I normally use and other setting I prefer – all I have to do is duplicate the last question if I want to have more questions.

    Thanks for posting the step by step instructions – I highly recommend doing this!

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