Ultimate Animation Bundle!

Happy September!
To welcome in the new school year, I am offering you QUITE A DEAL!
The Ultimate Animation Bundle!

Easy Delaney Cards (1)
This is it folks! The whole she- bang. This bundle is a STEAL!

It includes ALL of our monthly packs, fun packs, holiday packs, back to school, and 12 unbundled animated banners.
A total of 126 banners – ALL of our animated headers/banners as of September 2019.

Decorate your Google Classroom and Delaney Cards with these fun animated headers. Fall, Winter, Spring – you will be ready! Very easy to use.

It includes:






First 100 days
Dancing Apple

Let it Snow
Happy Birthday Balloons – Purple
Math – Blue Calculator
Welcome Hearts – Blue
Science Class – Yellow
Cookies – Purple
US Government – Red
US History – Blue Fireworks

Happy Back to School everyone!

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