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As you may have read earlier, I LOVE using BerryWing’s Scan to Web smart phone app.  You can easily save data into a Google Sheet instantly. I can’t stand collecting paper in my classroom (not to mention killing all of those trees!) so I always use the app when I need to streamline and easily find information. Here are 10 ways that I have cut down on paper in the classroom using BerryWing’s Scan to Web smart phone app:

  1. Scan books that students take home throughout the semester:
    With the Scan to Web app I can scan books and instantaneously know when they are checked out from the book-room AND as they come in.
  2. Scan Technology – Everything from I pads and Chromebooks that students are taking home during the first few weeks or for Christmas break:
    I can scan all technology as they go out and as they come in throughout the year of  so I can assess the inventory and see who has not returned technology for the school year.
  3. Attendance
    Easily track who enters the classroom on a daily basis, who is attending school events, parent teacher conferences, pep rallies you name it with Scan to Web! For example for our welcome back night in September, and parent teacher conference night in October, I just placed a sign by my desk for teachers and students to have their ID cards instead of a paper sign in sheet. It worked very well and I could send a thank you email that evening instead of manually typing in every parent/ students name.


  4. Bathroom Visits
    You can scan students leaving the classroom to use the bathroom or visit other teachers rooms. Track who is leaving the classroom for longer times and look for patterns in your room.
  5. Learning Stations
    See who is visiting your learning stations as you set up group activities. Have students scan in at each station that is set up around the room to ensure that they visited each one and did not josh off during the activity!

    IMG_29896. Term Paper Feedback
    Easily scan comment codes to a spreadsheet! You can then and email students their grades online using a CSV through your Google Classroom or Moodle (whatever your online classroom of choice is!). Any virtual classroom!

    7. Report Card Season: 
    Easily scan comment codes into report cards and email students their grades online through your Google Classroom or any virtual classroom!

    8. IEP Codes and Interventions
    Easily scan comment codes into report cards and email students their grades online.

    9. Speech Language Articulation

    Speech Language Pathologists can track the scan and track speech sounds as you are evaluating students. Just print out the speech sound you are working on for the lesson and scan to a spreadsheet to see if the student is able to articulate the sound.

    10. Import Standards into your Lesson Plans
    Easily scan and import standards as you are writing your Lesson Plans so you don’t have to keep copying and pasting it into every lesson.

    A special Bonus for the Administration:
    Scan teachers and staff members who come in and out of your faculty meetings!


Check out my last post for a detailed version on all of the steps to use Berrywings Scan to Web app!

If you are a visual learner, here is a video where this is covered in detail

Give it a whirl! Your first 50 trial scans are free, and for $10 per year you have unlimited scans –  $0.99 a month; or $9.99 a year.

And now the moment you have been waiting for!  We will be RAFFLING away TWO FREE year subscriptions to Berrywings Scan to Web app! Here is how to enter:

Leave us a note on social media, or on this post with how your school year is going so far! The two winners will be randomly chosen and notified at the end of October! Don’t forget to include your email address! Good luck! 

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