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We are almost at the end of our first week in the digital classroom age.  How have you been feeling? For many of us it can be overwhelming to move to an online classroom when we have enjoyed seeing our students faces in person on a daily basis. Partnering Google Classroom and Zoom has allowed me to try to reclaim my sanity during these trying times.

Every day I change my banner in my google classroom to ensure a new positive attitude in my digital classroom. I have a variety of bundles available if you have been doing the same!

First is the Ultimate MEGA Bundle (All Animated Headers/ Banners). This will allow you to change every banner on a daily basis for the rest of the year!

Ultimate MEGA Bundle (All Animated Headers/ Banners)

This bundle is a STEAL!
It includes ALL of our monthly packs, fun packs, holiday packs, back to school, and 11 unbundled animated banners.
A total of 126 banners – ALL of our animated headers/banners as of September 2019.

Decorate your Google Classroom and Delaney Cards with these fun animated headers. Fall, Winter, Spring – you will be ready! Very easy to use.

Next we have Animated Headers for Google Classroom: Mega FUN Pack

This bundle includes seven Fun packs plus a Holiday pack. 40 animated banners which will delight your students and make your online classroom come alive. Very easy to use.

The Mega Fun Pack was updated in January 2019 for changes in Google Classroom.

Animated Headers for Google Classroom:  Mega FUN Pack

Finally we have the Animated Headers for Google Classroom: Nine Month Bundle

Animated Headers for Google Classroom:  Nine Month Bundle

So change it up and grab a bundle and make your students smile and give them some return to normalcy in the interim. Let me know how your week has been going in the comments below! We are all in this together.

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