Virtual CLASSROOM icebreakers

Of course I will miss doing in person icebreakers like my Back to School Icebreakers such as the toilet paper game and the M&M game! But this year, things will be different and I’ll be virtually saying hello to my class for the first week like many of you!

I have some fun ideas for this year! Which one will you choose?

The Time Machine – Hindsight is 2020. What would you have told yourself if you knew we were starting the school year virtually in 2020 last September. Or what is something you wish you could have done over the past few months.

Make a virtual poster introducing themselves with all about me. They can use Canva or Powerpoint and prepare a fun intro board which includes all their favorite things to do and what is the first thing students will do once things go “back to normal”, what

Introduce themselves with an Instagram or Facebook Filter. The wackier the better!

Have them design and present a Meme. Always a favorite.

Two truths and a lie. Have students go around and say two things that are honest about themselves and one thing that is not true. Have the class virtually guess what the lie is.

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