Socially Distanced School Pick-up!

Is your school dismissal a hot mess (like mine USED to be)?  Getting all the students safely connected with their parents was ALWAYS a challenge (even pre- Covid19!)

However, in past years, I embraced the joyful chaos of finding my kids during their school pickups and having a quick stop and chat with their teachers.  Once Covid19 hit – pickup became impossible and frustrating, especially due to social distancing! There has to be a better and easy way to bring some extra organization to the end-of-day goodbye ritual. The Scan to Web APP is THE solution!

Using the Scan to Web App is an easy way to make school pickup safer! Using three easy steps YOU TOO can have a seamless dismissal process. NO special scanning equipment is needed – it all works with a phone and a Google Form!  Keeping kids separated from each other all day is already exhausting. You don’t need one more moment of difficulty at dismissal.

YOU TOO can have a safe way for students to exit the building and greet their guardians.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Parents/Guardians are issued unique barcodes for their child. See the link to easily understand how to create barcodes on Google Sheet. Scroll down for instructions on how to create multiple barcodes with Google Sheets.

  2. When a parent arrives at the school, the barcode is scanned with a mobile phone – sending the information to a Google Form. Parents can remain safely inside their car as the barcode can be scanned through the car window by a school employee.

  3. A teacher or administrator (inside the building) can watch the instant population of names to the Google Sheet to easily know which parents have arrived. Students are dismissed in low numbers to maintain social distancing.  It’s simple!

Reminder – NO special scanning equipment is needed – it all works with a phone and a Google Form!  You can download Berry Wing’s Scan to Web from GooglePlay or the App Store and try it out for free.  For long-term use, prices are very reasonable, only $9.99 per year or $.99 per month.

We’ve been using Berry Wing’s Scan to Web smart phone app to collect student data for over a year. We recently  chatted with the great (and customer-friendly!) folks at Berry Wing who let us know that they are receiving feedback from numerous schools who are using their app to make school-pickup safe and easy.  Give it a try and let us know about YOUR experience in the comment section!

Berry Wing LLC may seem familiar to you as last Fall, we wrote about how easily we used it for paperless homework verification. Check out the earlier posts to see how simple it is to use this app!  SCAN HOMEWORK INTO A GOOGLE SHEET INSTANTLY and 10 WAYS TO SWEETEN YOUR SCHOOL YEAR USING BERRYWING!

You’ve already sweetened your school year by using Berry Wing to scan homework into a google sheet and now it’s time to sweeten that school pickup and make it seamless!


FTC Disclosure: This is a sponsored post by Berry Wing. All reviews and opinions expressed in this post are based on my personal view.

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