Socially Distanced School Pick-up!

Is your school dismissal a hot mess (like mine USED to be)?  Getting all the students safely connected with their parents was ALWAYS a challenge (even pre- Covid19!)

However, in past years, I embraced the joyful chaos of finding my kids during their school pickups and having a quick stop and chat with their teachers.  Once Covid19 hit – pickup became impossible and frustrating, especially due to social distancing! There has to be a better and easy way to bring some extra organization to the end-of-day goodbye ritual. The Scan to Web APP is THE solution!

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Pumpkin spice & everything nice


Happy October!!! I love the fall! Apple-picking, pumpkin patches and that crisp feeling in the air.

This fall, invigorate your classroom with our FREE header. You already have that pumpkin spice latte, and that pumpkin spice candle. Now add a pumpkin spice banner to your digital classroom on google classroom or schoology website.

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Virtual CLASSROOM icebreakers

Of course I will miss doing in person icebreakers like my Back to School Icebreakers such as the toilet paper game and the M&M game! But this year, things will be different and I’ll be virtually saying hello to my class for the first week like many of you!

I have some fun ideas for this year! Which one will you choose?

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Motivate your students with positive back to school banners

Animated Google Classroom Headers (Motivation Pack #2) for Distance Learning

Animated Google Classroom Headers (Motivation Pack #1) for Distance Learning

Animated Google Classroom Headers (Motivation Pack #3) for Distance Learning

Being out of the classroom has taken a toll on many of our students (and parents!) who struggle with distance learning. That is why I created my exciting motivation packs on TPT! Pump up your students with daily motivational banners for Google Classroom suite to keep them going during these unprecedented times.

What do you have in plan to keep your students motivated??

Bonus Sale on TPT!

Just to let you know there’s a one day sale (Aug 18) at Teachers Pay Teachers today! 🥳

Everything in my TPT shop is 20% off, including bundles. TPT will give you an extra 5% off if you use the code: BTSBONUS20.

I have so many digital resources for you that will be great for distance learning. Enjoy the sale!

Click here to check it out!

Have a great week!

back to school outfit staples!

(Nordstrom Sale Edition!)

It is that time of year, the Nordstrom Anniversary sale! I really only do my shopping from Nordstrom during their anniversary sale since you can find so many quality pieces at a discounted price. This year I am focusing on two things. The first is quality pieces that look great while teaching remotely. Second easily washable pieces if you have to go in to school then throw them right in the laundry when you return home!

THE DETAILS: Early access for select card members is open now! The Early Access Preview is available to everyone right now. Early Access will open for all card members on August 13th, then the sale opens to the public on August 19th.

WHAT TO BUY: Staple pieces that will go a long way. Aim for quality brands that you can dress up. Brands like Spanx and Barefoot Dreams rarely go on sale, so this is the time to buy it!

WHAT I WOULDN’T BUY: Don’t buy something just because it is on sale. Ask yourself if you are going to like it if it weren’t on sale anyway.

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