It may be the end of July but I am still prepping for my distance learning classroom in a few weeks! I’ve been busy creating new banners for back to school and can’t wait for you to try them out in your virtual classrooms. Which one is your summery favorite?

Secret Life of Pets:

Animated Google Classroom Headers (My Pets) for Distance Learning

Ice-cream kind of Sunday:

Animated Google Classroom Headers (Ice Cream) for Distance Learning

I’m so happy to see you cat (not in a hat):

Animated Google Classroom Headers (Kitty) for Distance Learning

Let’s work (wish it was beach reading instead!)

Animated Google Classroom Headers (Let's Work #2) for Distance Learning


2020 has been SOME year, teacher friend! I am thrilled that summer is finally here and I will be relaxing and prepping for the new school year. Will it be a combination of distance learning and in person? I am waiting to hear! Have you heard yet from your district?

To usher in summer (since many of you are teaching summer school) I created a few new summery banners for your Google Classroom and Google Suite.

Animated Google Classroom Headers (Ice Cream) for Distance

What have you got planned for the summer? I can’t wait for the 4th of July!

Animated Google Classroom Headers (Patriotic Owls) for Dis

awesome Motivation Packs for Distance Learning!

Animated Google Classroom Headers (Motivation Pack #2) for Distance Learning

Animated Google Classroom Headers (Motivation Pack #1) for Distance Learning

Animated Google Classroom Headers (Motivation Pack #3) for Distance Learning

Being out of the classroom has taken a toll on many of our students (and parents!) who struggle with distance learning. That is why I created my exciting motivation packs on TPT! Pump up your students with daily motivational banners for Google Classroom suite to keep them going during these unprecedented times.

What have you been doing to keep your students motivated??



Graduation Freebie!

Senior year was one of my favorite times! Ah, Yearbook signings, Decision day, Prom, Graduation – so many good memories. It saddens me to know the senior class of 2020,  doesn’t get to have the same positive experience I did.

So… instead of posting my senior photo on facebook, I’m offering an awesome freebie on TPT – a graduation banner.

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Monday Morning Fun Pack Sale

Hopefully you had a peaceful weekend Zooming/ Facetiming with family and friends for Passover and Easter. Now its back to the Monday morning grind. Here is a fun pack sale to brighten your day and to switch up your animations this week.

We know you are always looking for new ways to bring joy and to differentiate your online distance learning classroom THIS IS IT!

Fun Pack 11 is here!

Google Classroom Animated Headers (Fun Pack #11) Distance Learning

Superhero Animation

Happy Friday! Happy Holidays to those celebrating!

Did you know that every time we make a new Google Classroom animation its on sale? That is why it is so important to follow us on TPT! So you are in the KNOW!

Google Classroom Animated Header (SuperHero) Distance Learning

Our latest creation is for all those superhero teachers out there who are just trying to balance it all. Oh and for your superhero students going with the flow despite the interruption of their daily lives. Not all superheros wear capes, but in our world you certainly are.

Enjoy! Check it out here!

Superhero Animation for Google Classroom