Graduation Freebie!

Senior year was one of my favorite times! Ah, Yearbook signings, Decision day, Prom, Graduation – so many good memories. It saddens me to know the senior class of 2020,  doesn’t get to have the same positive experience I did.

So… instead of posting my senior photo on facebook, I’m offering an awesome freebie on TPT – a graduation banner.

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Monday Morning Fun Pack Sale

Hopefully you had a peaceful weekend Zooming/ Facetiming with family and friends for Passover and Easter. Now its back to the Monday morning grind. Here is a fun pack sale to brighten your day and to switch up your animations this week.

We know you are always looking for new ways to bring joy and to differentiate your online distance learning classroom THIS IS IT!

Fun Pack 11 is here!

Google Classroom Animated Headers (Fun Pack #11) Distance Learning

Superhero Animation

Happy Friday! Happy Holidays to those celebrating!

Did you know that every time we make a new Google Classroom animation its on sale? That is why it is so important to follow us on TPT! So you are in the KNOW!

Google Classroom Animated Header (SuperHero) Distance Learning

Our latest creation is for all those superhero teachers out there who are just trying to balance it all. Oh and for your superhero students going with the flow despite the interruption of their daily lives. Not all superheros wear capes, but in our world you certainly are.

Enjoy! Check it out here!

Superhero Animation for Google Classroom

The Ultimate Mega Bundle

Happy Saturday! The days may be all a blur but it helps to change up your google classroom header on a daily basis to break up the monotony.

As many of you may know TPT is having a two day sitewide sale on April 6th and 7th. Get your MEGA bundle in while its on sale. The Mega bundle is perfect for distance learning and for google classroom suite!

This bundle is a STEAL! It includes ALL of our monthly packs, fun packs, holiday packs, snow pack, back to school, and 11 un-bundled animated banners. Around 150 banners – animated headers/banners as of April 2020! Decorate your Google Classroom and Delaney Cards with these fun animated headers. Fall, Winter, Spring – you will be ready! Very easy to use.

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Bundles of Joy

We are almost at the end of our first week in the digital classroom age.  How have you been feeling? For many of us it can be overwhelming to move to an online classroom when we have enjoyed seeing our students faces in person on a daily basis. Partnering Google Classroom and Zoom has allowed me to try to reclaim my sanity during these trying times.

Every day I change my banner in my google classroom to ensure a new positive attitude in my digital classroom. I have a variety of bundles available if you have been doing the same!

First is the Ultimate MEGA Bundle (All Animated Headers/ Banners). This will allow you to change every banner on a daily basis for the rest of the year!

Ultimate MEGA Bundle (All Animated Headers/ Banners)

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Llama Llama Stuck at Home in your pajamas?

Llama Llama– we are ALL stuck at home in our pajamas! As we move into the digital age of distance learning and online learning make sure you use our animated themes to add some fun to your Google classroom and google suite apps. Easy to upload.

Now stop all this llama drama and go brighten up google classroom for your mama!

Check it out here!



Stuck Teaching Remotely?

Happy St. Paddy’s Day! We hope everyone is doing well and staying safe in these trying times.

If your school has been moved offline and you are currently remote teaching – here is a great way to brighten your students day. Change up your header daily in Google Classroom! For a quick refresher on how to do that check out our blog post here!

Every morning I rotate my Google Classroom banner so students still feel the “brighteness” of the classroom and community coming through into their homes even when we can not be together. I even upload them into my Google Forms. Try your first animated banner FOR FREE if you are just getting used to Google Classroom!

Here are some of my favorites from my TPT store:

Which one do you like the most?