Have more fun with your Google Classroom!


Decorate your online classroom with animated banners!   I change my theme almost every day so my classroom always looks fresh and energetic.   Give students a reason to log on often!   Find the FUN PACK series at our TPT store: Animated Banners or go directly to the FUN PACK offerings!

Fun Pack #1              Fun Pack #2                 Fun Pack #3                   Fun Pack #4


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Teacher Handbook



This week I am going to share with you some human resources goodies for any of you administrators.

Are you a principal looking for an easy to edit handbook for teachers to offer when back to school? I have created an easy editable handbook for YOU. The handbook is great to handout to teachers at the start of the school year. It outlines all of the rules your staff should abide by.

Check it out here!





Make Music a Classroom Staple

At the beginning of the year I purchase musical instruments such as percussion egg shakers, maracasrhythm band sticks, and bongo drums, for my classroom. I always pull them out when something musical comes to mind.

Whatever age you teach, students love to come out of their shell when there is music in the classroom. Encourage students to tap their shakers as they create their own jingles to remember the seven social sciences of social studies, or the features of civilizations. They can bang on a bongo as they write a rap song to remember why we study history. Students can sing the rap cabinet battle from Hamilton when discussing the Federalist period, the lyrics to Oklahoma when you’re teaching about the expansion of the west, or Little Boxes by Malvina Reynolds when teaching about the rise of the suburbs in the 1950s. Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start the Fire” is a big hit for the Cold War. Finally, you can even show your students how to Charleston in the 20’s , Conga through the 80’s ask them to teach YOU how to”Dougie” for a modern twist.

Especially at the end of the year when students are bored after the state assessments, its a great time to pull out those instruments and move it, move it!

How do you infuse music into your classroom?


Copy of music.png

Copy of Copy of music (1)Copy of Copy of music (2)Copy of Copy of music (3)Copy of Copy of music

Amplify your Google Classroom

As I clean up my cluttered classroom I am so happy that I also have a virtual classroom that needs no cleaning! My google classroom is so fun that every few days I always change up my borders and themes! It is so easy and I have so many bundles available in my store – check them out here! Which ones are your favorites?

My hearts?
US History?
Gingerbread Men?

Can’t decide?
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Fun Pack!



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