Find the Perfect Match (for College)

Love comes in many forms. But finding the right match for college well… there’s no dating “app” for that. (Yet! I suppose ūüôā ) So what does that mean for teachers, parents and students who are ready to make their college “lists”? Well… (like dating) you will have to dedicate quite a bit of time to finding the right college. Here are some tips to get you started!

  1. Think broadly. Do you want to stay close to home (and live at home) or are you okay with travel (car, bus, train, plane?). If you are willing to go 8 hours north you should be willing to go 8 hours west, east and south.
  2. Once you have made a decision on location, start to do your research. Check out these websites for help on ¬†finding a college based on “I know what I want”, “I am not sure where to start”
     РCollege Board Website
    Р College Confidential

    –¬†Forbes College Quiz
    –¬†College Match Quiz
  3. Take a campus tour once you have narrowed down your choice. See if you can stay overnight with a student many colleges have a program set up for you to see what its like.
  4. Research Campus Safety.
  5. If money is an issue check out my post on finding scholarships. Start early!
  6. Don’t forget to ask your teachers for college recommendations. You will need at least two. Try to ask them as junior year is concluding so you are locked in for the fall. Teachers need tips on writing a college rec – here are some sample letters!
  7. Say thank you to all those who are helping you along your journey! But remember…
    The path to true love never does run smoothly. So don’t be afraid to transfer colleges if that first match wasn’t a right fit for you!

The Search for Solid Scholarships

As September ramps up and back to school season is full in gear, my students always ask me, when should I look for start to look for scholarships? Should I wait to apply to college first? NO! My answer always is START NOW. The old saying is true Рthe early bird gets the worm. Later on in the year after you fill out your FAFSA and apply to colleges that will open a whole other window of scholarship opportunities too so keep that in mind. Now where should you start? Here! And of course USE GOOGLE. Obviously. Try to tailor to your specific attributes. For example, female engineer. Male first generation student. Culinary Student. Talk to your school guidance counselor or college/scholarships advisor. Here are several of my favorite websites for scholarship search: