Nine reasons to switch to group tests in 2019!


I have been experimenting with group tests this year and the experience has been overwhelmingly positive.    So,  I am giving you my top nine reasons for making the switch from individual to group tests!

  1. Test day becomes a day of learning.  No more quiet desperation on test day.   Now, test day is the most active, engaged day on the schedule.    Students will work hard if their peers are depending on them.    Many groups actually have fun on test day!
  2. A lesson in social capital.  I work with older students and they are quick to identify and challenge non-contributors.    I find that groups are mostly kind to students who struggle with the test material, and brutally honest with those who choose not to work.
  3. Tests can be more challenging.    Group tests always need one or two hard questions that stimulate discussion.
  4. Reduced need for anti-cheating strategies (as in 6 versions of the same test).
  5. Reduced Anxiety.  Do you have those students who immediately have their hand in the air as soon as you hand them a test?  With a group test, students get assurance from their classmates.
  6. More authentic.  Most workplaces encourage employees to cooperate and seek help with problems.  Shouldn’t schools give it a try?
  7. Late comers and test-day skippers will get on board. Missing test day means going it alone.  Most students only make that mistake once.
  8. Less to grade.  Who doesn’t want fewer papers to grade?
  9. Nerds rule. That awkward, nerdy kid is now the most popular kid in the class!

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Cyber Monday Here We Come!!!

I am so pumped for Cyber Monday!

Here are some of the best gift ideas for the family that are on sale! I can’t wait!!

For The Cool Teacher in your Home:

Obviously Google Classroom Animated Headers!


For the Ladies:

Reversible Cape with Sleeves!

Bellady Women's Soft Warm Cardigan Coat Tassel Plaid Batwing Ponchos Cape Wearover Sweater, Blue

Summer Caftan!

Sakkas 17202 - LongKaftan Georgettina Ligthweight Printed Long Caftan Dress/Cover Up - 17202-Multi -OS

Curl Your Hair while you sleep! Shark Tank Product!


Cute Reversible VEGAN leather handbag!

Scarleton Stylish Reversible Tote Bag H18420701 - Blue/Black

For the Fellas:

Ring Doorbell


Alexa for under $20!!!


Tennis Ball Hopper


For the Grandparents:

Drop in and say hello! On Echo Show!


For the Cool Teen:

Chapstick Holder Keychain, New Cute Design Neoprene Lip Balm Keychain Holder (Multicolor 6 Pack)

Lilly Pulitzer Chap Stick Holder


Striped Keychain Chapstick Holder

For the Toddler:

Paw Patrol Fire Truck

PAW Patrol - Ultimate Rescue Fire Truck with Extendable 2 Foot Tall Ladder, Ages 3 and Up

The Cutest Rocking Chairs! 

In Gingham Blue and Pink! and Faux Fur

KEET Roundy Kid's Chair Gingham, NavyB008KW8IWW


Sand/ Water Table


Awesome Tool set!

VTech Drill & Learn Toolbox

Little Helper Ladder!

Guidecraft Kitchen Helper Tower Step-Up - Red: Adjustable Height, Wooden Step Stool with Side Support and Safety Handrails for Children - Kids' Cooking Furniture

Everyone wants a radio flyer!

Radio Flyer 3-in-1 EZ Folding Wagon for kids and cargo

For the baby:

Matching Hat to Mommas Cape


Drum Set!

VTech KidiBeats Drum Set (Frustration Free Packaging)

For the Chefs:

The Instant Pot!

and Egg Cup Molds


Happy Shopping!!!


We are half way through November at it is officially snowing in New York! (But no snow day yet!)

On a day like today I love to switch up my Google Classroom header to my animated ginger bread man theme. Although the weather outside may be frightful, I’m inside grading papers, dreaming of baking cookies and that makes me so delightful!

Have you switched up your Google Classroom header this week? Tell us what theme you chose!

Gingerbread Man.jpg

Thankful For YOU!

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and its the perfect time to encourage an attitude of gratitude in the classroom!

The week before Thanksgiving I hand out student superlatives and “kudos” certificates to show each of my students how grateful I am for THEM! I also do a Thanksgiving potluck and ask students to bring in nut-free goodies to celebrate the holiday.

The celebration and festivities are helpful to keep students motivated as we move into the holiday season. Check my kudos certificates out here and brighten your students Thanksgiving weekend!

Kudos Certificate 1

Kudos Certificate 2



The Great Pumpkin Challenge

The end of October is the perfect time to weave in “The Great Pumpkin Challenge”. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to “boo”tify a pumpkin into a historical figure, event or place! Students can use pom poms, feathers, glitter, googly eyes (all the supplies you already have in your classroom) to decorate a pumpkin. The best pumpkin decorator wins!

If you are in a virtual classroom you can simply animate it with our banners in our TPT store! 

Happy decorating before Halloween!