Feel Fantastic in February

When my students return from Presidents Week/ Winter break they will be SHOCKED! I decided to spruce up my classroom with more than just some new teaching material. The groundhog said spring is almost here so I have to be prepared (and so should YOU!)

  1. I added a  reed diffuser. Scents have a way of triggering memories. I do NOT want my classroom to smell like “teen spirit” anymore! These are my favorites:

    Lavender Scented Diffuser

    Fun Cactus Diffuser

    Ocean Scented

  2.  Bright Answer Buzzers instead of having students raise their hands!
  3. Brighter Clothes for me!

    Lilly Pulitzer Maxi Dress

    Long Sleeved Lilly Dress
  4. This great cell phone valet so students can be more focused and less worried about their buzzing phones during class!
  5. This bright balance ball chair so students can take a break when they are done with an assignment
  6. Fun Emoji Erasers to match my or Google Classroom Emoji Header!

    Google Classroom Animated Themes (Fun Pack #7)

    Feel Fantastic in February with these tips!

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Fluttering for February!

Here are some tips for a unforgettable February in the classroom!

  1. Change up your Google Classroom header on a weekly basis with our February bundle!
  2. February Pop Up Valentines are much better option than a Pop Quiz!
  3. Historical Speed Networking. Have two historical figures gain a chance at love in the millennium.

Keep the momentum going and have fun in February!

Nine reasons to switch to group tests in 2019!


I have been experimenting with group tests this year and the experience has been overwhelmingly positive.    So,  I am giving you my top nine reasons for making the switch from individual to group tests!

  1. Test day becomes a day of learning.  No more quiet desperation on test day.   Now, test day is the most active, engaged day on the schedule.    Students will work hard if their peers are depending on them.    Many groups actually have fun on test day!
  2. A lesson in social capital.  I work with older students and they are quick to identify and challenge non-contributors.    I find that groups are mostly kind to students who struggle with the test material, and brutally honest with those who choose not to work.
  3. Tests can be more challenging.    Group tests always need one or two hard questions that stimulate discussion.
  4. Reduced need for anti-cheating strategies (as in 6 versions of the same test).
  5. Reduced Anxiety.  Do you have those students who immediately have their hand in the air as soon as you hand them a test?  With a group test, students get assurance from their classmates.
  6. More authentic.  Most workplaces encourage employees to cooperate and seek help with problems.  Shouldn’t schools give it a try?
  7. Late comers and test-day skippers will get on board. Missing test day means going it alone.  Most students only make that mistake once.
  8. Less to grade.  Who doesn’t want fewer papers to grade?
  9. Nerds rule. That awkward, nerdy kid is now the most popular kid in the class!

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