The Power of Student Voices!

RECAP, the most fun I have had in my classroom all year!  Recap is a free and easy to use service where students use their phone (or other device) to create a short video in response to the teacher’s prompt.   My high school students loved it.

Teachers have the option to set up the prompt with a pin so students do not need to register with or sign into the site.  In my class, students were uploading their videos in minutes.   The Recap dashboard allows the teacher to see who has completed the assignment and creates a compilation reel for easy replay.

Recap is a great service for exit tickets, lesson summaries, quizzes, review – so many classroom possibilities!   It would be a great way for students to practice their elevator pitches in a shark tank exercise.  SHARK TANK FOR YOUR CLASSROOM

Check out Recap here!   RECAP


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5 thoughts on “The Power of Student Voices!

  1. […] Originally, my classroom video project was meant to entertain jaded older students in the post spring break period.  I was tired, they were bored – OK, let’s try something different.  I have been using student videos as exit tickets this year and students seem to enjoy it.  See my post The Power of Student Voices! […]

  2. […] It is almost time to put on the work shoes and go back to teaching school.  I don’t want to greet my class with forty-five dull minutes of explaining the course, the rules or the homework policy.   My objective for the first day is for students to feel comfortable in the classroom and learn a little about the people they share it with.  The plan is to have each student make a short video introducing themselves and answering some serious and some silly “get to know you” questions.    Flipgrid is perfect for this activity.    I have had great experiences with student video assignments.   See The Power of Student Voices! […]

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